What’s The Difference Between An Escort And A Prostitute?

While prostitution is often regarded as ‘the oldest profession’, by contrast the escort is a much more modern construct. There’s a number of differences between the two not just in regards to the sense of service that each deliver, but also in regards to the formalities of hiring either service. In regards to similarities there aren’t actually very many besides the prospect of a sexual encounter. With a prostitute it’s pretty much the start and end point of the transaction, yet with an escort it’s a far more complex arrangement.

Escorting Is A Dating Service, Not A Sexual Service

Legalities vary depending on which country you reside in but generally speaking prostitution is illegal or at least frowned upon in many places. Even in the countries where it’s tolerated, usually there’s strict rules about engaging the services of a prostitute (for example, needing to be in a licensed brothel/sauna).

Escorting doesn’t suffer these legal technicalities as the services being hired are as an escort, usually associated with dating and companionship, not as an overtly sexual arrangement. Of course many escorts will conclude a date with sex provided this is negotiated and incorporated as a ‘possibility’ into their fee, or often factored in as part of a healthy tip. Yet at no stage is an escort obliged to engage in sex if they don’t feel entirely comfortable with the arrangement.

Remember that escorts are above all hired in order to provide the services of an often very beautiful companion for an evening out singulair for allergies. It’s pretty much essential that escorts are physically stunning, dress well, act appropriately and provide stimulating and entertaining company. Likewise they also need to be able to act a role depending on the job – many escorts are taken to corporate or social events and need to play the part of being a genuine companion to their dates. These roles are far more demanding than those required to be a prostitute.

Escorting Is All About An Experience

Many prostitutes are engaging and fun company in their own right but will usually be looking to see a number of clients over the course of a shift and once the sex is concluded will usher their clients out the door. Escorting is the complete opposite of this as 99% of dates involve a set number of hours (usually an evening or overnight package) where the client is buying an escort’s time over the course of a date that involves much more than sex.

Not many escorts will entertain the notion of a straightforward 12 hour sex session. It’s expected that their time will involve at least a degree of getting to know their client first, and for many regular customers this plays a major role in making any sex later on many times more satisfying. Some women who specialize in certain sexual kinks may well consider attending specific BDSM parties for example, but it’s unusual to find many ‘typical’ escorts who will be happy simply hopping into bed. Mainly this is because it’s too close to prostitution (and remember that escorts expect to have fun too)! Most are highly sexual and expect to enjoy the physical side of their work.

Escorting Is Much Safer, Cleaner & Enjoyable

Escorts do not work for pimps and it’s almost unheard of to find any who carry out the work unwillingly. Besides listing fees and commissions with agencies, they’re free agents and keep the majority of the money they earn from the dates they entertain. While glamorous, intelligent and great fun, they are above all individuals who will look after themselves and their health and never engage in risky behavior. Sadly the same cannot always be said for prostitutes, many of whom have no alternative than sex work to earn money to feed drug habits and exploitative partners.

Essentially, escorting has no moral downside. While usually extremely facilitating and open minded, at the end of the day the escort has their own boundaries that need to be negotiated respectfully with the client. From the client’s perspective they have the significant bonus of knowing that their date is a high quality and professional individual who is going to deliver a fantastic experience.

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